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Terms and Conditions

Platform is a system for the provision of Internet services for the exchange, sale and purchase of electronic currencies, a list of which is published on the Platform's Internet site.
The Platform 's Internet site is an Internet resource located at the permanent address on the Internet fastdeal-ex.com.
User - any natural or legal person, without territorial reference, using the services of the Platform and making an acceptance of the Agreement in accordance with its terms, by making a mark in the appropriate field on the Platform's Internet site.
Partner - a person providing the Platform with services for attracting Users, the terms of which are described in this Agreement.
Payment system - a software product created by a third party, which is a mechanism for implementing the accounting of money (electronic money) and / or other obligations, payment for goods and services on the Internet, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between users.
The main payment systems under this Agreement are:USDT, ADVCASH , Payeer, Perfect Money and others. The exact list of Payment Systems is listed on the Platform's website.